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Zwei Frauen mit Geigen

University Music

During the semester, lunchtime concerts take place every tuesday at lunchtime from 12:30 to 12:55 pm in the Theatersaal, the University’s theater and concert venue. It is located at Mensasee, a miniature lake located in front of the dining hall at the very heart of the campus. Admission to the concerts is free. There are many ways to make music actively at the University of Bremen. The two largest ensembles are the University Choir and the University of Bremen Symphony Orchestra, which both perform, sometimes together, in large concert halls such as the Bremen “Glocke” and the Dom cathedral, as well as independently in various locations on the campus, in the city and in the surrounding area of Bremen. The core of the musical offerings also includes the Big Band. A special attraction is the Tango Orchestra under Argentine direction, in which instruments typically used in tango music are featured. And students of the University of Bremen can also participate in three choirs offered by the Bremen University of the Arts. In the winter semester, seminars are offered on a regular basis. Two pianos are available for those who want to continue playing the piano during their studies, even though they do not study music. All offers are can be found at "Music for all".



Blick in einen Theatersaal mit Publikum

Theater performances at the University of Bremen 

Two theater groups at the University of Bremen invite you to participate: The Theater der Versammlung and the English-language Parlement of Foules. 

Oscillating between education, science and art, the Theater der Versammlung is considered one of the first research theaters in Germany. It was founded in 1992 under the leadership of Jörg Holkenbrink as part of a model experiment of the same name by the Federal and State Commission for Education. It brings students and teachers of different disciplines together with professional performing artists of different genres.

Since 1995, the The Parlement of Foules performs English-language plays as part of the bachelor’s program “English-Speaking Cultures” and the master's program “Transnational Literary Studies”. Twice a year, students under the direction of Michael Claridge put on English-language performances in the Bremen Schnürschuh Theater.