WHY letters in the PHÄNOMENTA Bremerhaven

Storytime with: Isabell Harder

Isabell Harder, University–School Transfer Coordinator

WHY is the meerMINT cluster setting up leisure-time activities for children and young people?

HERE’S WHY – : Learning to play an instrument, trying out a new sport, meeting friends in the afternoon – this is part and parcel of leisure time for many children in Bremen and Bremerhaven. But there is nothing available for those who want to program robots, develop their own cosmetics, or occupy themselves with the causes of climate change and how to solve it of an afternoon or during their school break. The meerMINT cluster is changing this. To do so, the network partners are redeveloping four support points – called meerMINT Docks – in Bremen and Bremerhaven. These docks are springboards for leisure-time workshops for ten- to sixteen-year-olds. They offer opportunities to experience the magic of STEM close to home.


WHY is there a bit of the University of Bremen in meerMINT?

HERE’S WHY – The University–School Outreach Office at the University of Bremen coordinates this cluster. It successfully obtained funding for the cluster from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research alongside the Jacobs University Bremen, the M2C Institute for Applied Media Technologies and Culture, PHÄNOMENTA Bremerhaven e. V., and Universum® Bremen.