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Corona-Information for International Students and Researchers

Here you can find a short overview of the latest important information in regards to the corona virus and the accompanying regulations. Please check when the information was last updated and obtain additional information if necessary.

Some linked websites are unfortunately only available in German. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the respective contacts listed in the right column.

Up-to-Date Information

Corona Vaccination

In Bremen, there are now a few ways to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. To make an appointment, you only need to be registered in Bremen and have health insurance. 
If you are interested, you can register here at the vaccination center. Alternatively, you can also be put on the waiting list at some general practitioners.
Furthermore, vaccination vans are on the road in the city where you can get vaccinated without prior registration. The city of Bremen also organises vaccination campaigns for certain groups of people from time to time. For up-to-date information on these offers, it is advisable to keep an eye on the local news services mentioned above.

Further information can be found on the page of the Senator for Health, Women and Consumer Protection.

General Information

[as of 26.08.2021]

As a general rule, it is imperative to register online at prior to entry, when traveling to Germany from high-risk and virus variant areas. If the registration is missing, permission to enter the country will be denied. (The risk status of countries is determined by the RKI)

Obligation to provide proof
Additionally, all persons over the age of 12 entering Germany must present a negative corona test, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery upon entry. An antigen test may not be older than 48 hours at the time of entry, a PCR test not older than 72 hours. Proof of vaccination is only valid, if the vaccine is recognized by the German Paul-Ehrlich-Insitute. Proof has to be presented in written or digital form and in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish language. This applies regardless of the risk status of the country of departure.
However, special further proof requirements must be observed for those entering from virus variant areas:

If you are entering from a virus variant area, similar requirements of proof apply upon entry. The regulation states that an antigen test may not be older than 24 hours at the time of entry, a PCR test not older than 72 hours. Proof of vaccination or proof of recovery will not be accepted in this case. It is also important to note that a transport ban is currently in place for people entering the country from virus variant areas. The Federal Department of the Interior informs about current travel restricitions, transport bans and the applying exceptions.

For up-to-date information, please visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Health (here you will find general information about entry, burden of proof, quarantine, etc.), the website of the Federal Foreign Office or read Bremen's most recent regulations in the Corona-Gazette (§20 for inbound and returning travelers).

[as of 19.10.2021]

Persons entering from high-risk areas are obliged to immediately undergo a 10-day domestic quarantine. If entering from virus variant areas, a 14-day domestic quarantine is obligatory. A constantly updated list of areas can be found on the RKI website.

Travellers from virus variant areas generally cannot shorten the 14-day quarantine, for exceptions to this rule please check the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Travellers from high-risk areas can shorten the quarantine period after 5 days at the earliest if they submit a (additional) negative Corona test to the responsible authorities via the entry portal. If proof of vaccination or recovery is submitted, the quarantine can be terminated from the time the proof is transmitted. Hence, quarantine can be avoided completely in this case. 

Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Please check with your landlord/landlady in advance if you are allowed to spend the quarantine in the apartment you have rented. If you do not have your own apartment when you arrive in Bremen, you can also spend your quarantine in a hotel or hostel. This must be indicated before in the online registration and be clarified with the hotel/hostel.

If you are in quarantine and develop symptoms, it is your duty to report to the Bremen public health department. Please use the corona hotline +49 (0)421 115 for this purpose.

[as of 19.10.2021]

You can be tested with PCR tests at the following locations, among others: At the CovidZentrum Bremen or at the Corona Walk-In Bremen-Mitte.

Corona rapid tests can be carried out at different test centers. On the page of the city of Bremen you will find the different locations. Please note in each case whether an appointment is necessary! Among other test centers, you will find the "Schnelltestcenter Bremen" (Rapid test center) with various locations or the test center at the Bremen Airport. No appointment is required here.
On campus, the test centre at Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 1b is open to everyone and the university's own test centre is open to employees of the University of Bremen. More information is available on the Corona page of the University of Bremen.
Please note, that a Corona rapid test does not replace a PCR test! If your rapid test is positive, a PCR test will follow. Until the result of this PCR test, quarantine is mandatory. Please note that both tests are usually subject to a charge!

Self-tests, which can be purchased in drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies, are for private use only and do not provide official results. There is no obligation to report positive self-tests, but it is strongly recommended to confirm the result with a PCR test and to go into self-isolation for the time being.

[as of 19.10.2021]

As of 11/10/2021, Corona rapid tests at testing centers are subject to a fee. If you are not allowed to be vaccinated for medical reasons, the costs will be covered by your health insurance. This only applies to testing centers outside the university.

Individuals who got vaccinated at the University's "Vaccination Truck" (11&12/10/2021 & 18&19/10/2021) are given the possibility of free testing at the University's testing center, until the vaccine becomes fully effective, but no later than 02/11/2021 (Johnson & Johnson) or 30/11/2021 (Biontech).

If you have been vaccinated with a non-EU approved vaccine, you can get vaccinated at the "Vaccination Truck" on 11&12/19/2021 or at doctor's offices and vaccination centers. The minimum time passed since your last vaccination should be 4 weeks. The costs of the tests will be covered until two weeks after the vaccination (until full vaccination protection), but at the latest until 31/12/2021. This applies to all testing centers other than the university's testing center.

At the University of Bremen, there is a separate Corona rapid test center. In the test center in building GW 2, tests are currently offered from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 10:00am. Appointments can be booked by telephone from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at 0421 218-60135 and -60137 through the secretary's office of the Department of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection. Appointments can no longer be made by e-mail.

Further information on the costs of rapid tests can be found here.

[as of 24.04.2021]

If you are experiencing symptoms, please call your general practitioner. The "Weisse Liste" lists all general practitioners in Bremen. If you are looking for a foreign-language practitioner, please visit the website of KVHB.
On weekends and public holidays, you can contact the medical on-call service under this number: 116 117.
They can advise you about the possibility of taking a corona test.
Please isolate yourself immediately if you experience any symptoms of a corona infection.

If you have had contact with a person who has tested positive for the Corona virus, you must immediately go into quarantine. The exact regulations on the various contact categories and the duration of quarantine are laid down by the Bremen Public Health Department and can be read at buten un binnen, among other places. Please also note that stricter rules apply to contact persons of people infected with a variant of the virus.
For further information, please contact the public health department.

You can find the most recent regulations for Bremen on the official corona-website (in German) of the city of Bremen. Here is an overview of all current regulations in English. Please note: This document is updated regularly, so please check when the information was last updated.

[as of 26.08.2021]

For general information on the effects of the corona virus on campus life and current regulations, please visit the official website of the University of Bremen. Further general information and an FAQ from the University of Bremen on the corona virus can be found here.

Information for students/applicants and for staff is also linked.

The university library and the Student Service Organisation (Mensa cafeteria, student residences, BaföG student loan, counselling) provide information on their respective websites about current opening hours and regulations.

Information for Students

If you need a letter of confirmation of your participation at your studies in Bremen, please contact the Student Office of the University of Bremen.

On the "HIST Bremen" website, you can find information and contacts about support in financial emergencies, advice on legal issues, community events, and mental health counseling.

If you are an international researcher or PhD student, please contact the Welcome Center, if you have any further questions.

Incoming exchange students please contact the Newcomer Service. Outgoing exchange students can find further information on the website "Studying Abroad" of the University of Bremen. 

Other international students please contact the kompass team for any further questions.


International Office

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kompass - International Students

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Welcome Center - Researchers and PhD students

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Corona Reporting Project - Jacobs University

Here you will find a project of Jacobs University Bremen. Videos with the latest information about Corona in Bremen are published weekly. Prepared in collaboration with local health authorities! The videos are available in six different languages: English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, French and Romanian.

The videos are available on YouTube, and more information is available on the SMP Media Center website.