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Vision and mission of the University of Bremen presented in the brochure "Strategy 2018-2028".

Our vision

The University of Bremen is a leading European research university and an inspirational place of education – it is diverse, socially responsible, cooperative, and creative.

Our mission

Shaping the future with our strengths

The University of Bremen is an excellent research university and an attractive location for outstanding scholars and scientists at all career levels. Advancing existing academic fields and carving out new lines of research, it encourages out of the box thinking and closely links teaching with its research activities. The University embodies the principle of interdisciplinary cooperation in education and research. It acknowledges its wider responsibility for the development of society as a whole. The teachers at the University are deeply committed to their students; they engage in dialogue with them on teaching and learning and are constantly striving to improve the didactical concepts.

Developing the next generation’s potential

Research-based learning and attractive undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, together with a culture of critical thinking and open dialogue, creates excellent career prospects for graduates of the University. Equipped to assume responsible positions in the international labour market, our graduates have learned to think and act in awareness of their social responsibility and the principle of sustainability. To enable them to succeed, the University of Bremen provides its graduates with the requisite skill sets and qualifications – at the highest levels in their individual disciplines as well as beyond subject boundaries, with an orientation to practice and intercultural competencies. At the University of Bremen, students with diverse educational backgrounds can discover their potential and develop their individual talents. They benefit from flexible study formats that can be customised to fit individual needs. We reach out to students and academics of all backgrounds and from all over the world, attracting them with our open-minded and distinctly welcoming culture and our inspiring working environment. Early-career researchers receive strong support and encouragement in Bremen, along with exemplary support for independent research. The University of Bremen is committed to a participatory, communicative culture and offers students and employees excellent opportunities for personal development.

Taking joint responsibility with partners

As a public university, the University of Bremen is mindful of its responsibility towards the Federal State of Bremen and the part it has to play in fostering its development as a science hub. Accordingly, it plays an active role in social debates and contributes significantly to cultural, political and economic life. University education, research, innovation and public engagement contribute significantly to the development of the whole region. Broadening its impact, the University seeks collaboration and partnerships with the non-university research institutes in the Federal State of Bremen and neighbouring higher education institutions in Northern Germany. The sharing of resources across the University and with our partner institutes gives rise to synergies. The University cooperates with selected scientific institutions as strategic partners at national and international level. Cooperation is one of our keys to success.