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What defines the ‘Bremen spirit’ of the University of Bremen ...

We aim high

We combine high ambition with the willingness to match ourselves against others in a spirit of scientific competition – both within the University as well as with other scientific institutions in Germany and abroad.

We learn together

We develop as a learning community, exercising self-criticism, seeking external advice, and acting in dialogue with all members of our University. We engage in unhurried discussion in search of the best way forward and then pursue it together.

We are agile and creative

We are quick to seize opportunity and respond to change. We implement our plans and ideas with determination within flat and efficient organizational structures.

We cooperate

Our University fosters short lines of communication on a growing campus and cultivates an open-door policy. Working together in an atmosphere of mutual trust, we maintain close relationships within the Federal State of Bremen and with other research and educational institutions beyond the region.

We experiment

We are eager to explore new approaches. Founded as a reform university, we embrace change. Over the past decades, we have shown that a lot can be achieved on the basis of trust and creative freedom.