Admission to Studies without a High

It’s always been difficult to build a successful career without a good education, and today it’s especially important to have gone to university or college. More and more people would therefore like to benefit from a higher education, even though they didn’t obtain a “normal” high school diploma. And there are several ways one can do this, depending on your personal situation, previous schooling, and even on the program of studies you wish to attend.

On Monday 12 November you will be able to learn all about how to gain access to tertiary education without a high school diploma at an information event organized by  the University of Bremen, the Erwachsenenschule [college for adult education], and the Verden Kreisvolkshochschule [local community adult education center]. Anyone interested in acquiring the university entrance qualification outside of the “normal” high school is welcome to come along.

The event program:

Henner Lübkemann from the Bremen Erwachsenenschule will talk about studying for the university entrance qualification at evening school, Christiane Stürmann from the Verden Kreisvolkshochschule about the entrance examination (Z-Prüfung) in Lower Saxony, StephanDetermann and Barbara Jakobi from the University of Bremen will provide information on how to gain university admission by first completing a course of vocational training to the level of Meister [master craftsman] or similar, as well as details of the Einstufungsprüfung [assessment exam] and the Probestudium [trial periods of study]. Peter Mehlis will present a course of further education offered by the Akademie für Arbeit und Politik [academy for work and politics] entitled “Sozialwissenschaftliche Grundbildung” [Foundation studies in the Social Sciences]. The event will be chaired by StephanDetermann from the Central Student Advisory Office of the University of Bremen.
The event will take place on Monday 12 November 2012 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Berufsinformationszentrum [Career information center] of the Bremen Employment Office, Doventorsteinweg 44. You can obtain further information by phone under +49 421 218-61150.

You should first get an initial impression of what is involved by visiting the University of Bremen homepage at:  All the information contained here is available as downloads.

Studierende in einem Hörsaal, Professor im Vordergrund
Auch ohne "normales" Abi ist ein Studium an der Uni Bremen möglich.