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Bremen State Universities Switch to Digital Classes

The universities in Bremen State have decided to reduce in-person classes in the Christmas period. Between December 13, 2021, and January 9, 2022, most classes will be temporarily held online.

This measure are to help the universities stay abreast of the expected changes in travel behavior over the Christmas holidays and the New Year. Repercussions for the infection rate situation at the universities are to be avoided as best as is possible.
Classes than cannot be digitalized, such as laboratory sessions, will continue to take place face-to-face during this time.

From January 10, 2022, onwards, classes at all universities will return to the usual in-person formats planned for this winter semester.

Fortunately, no worsening of the infection rate situation has occurred at Bremen’s universities. That speaks for both the measures decided upon by the universities and the science authority, as well as the careful and considerate behavior of all university members.




Glashalle im Sonnenschein