CAMPUSiDEEN: Outstanding Start-up Ideas Thought up by Bremen universities

Improved cancer diagnosis, tidy TV cabinets, or online marketing for small-scale production units: The ideas competition called CAMPUSiDEEN rewards young Bremen start-up entrepreneurs. This year the competition attracted 52 entries. It is the fourteenth time the annual event awarded prizes for the three best commercial ideas and business plans. And this year three of the winners come from the University of Bremen.

Faster and better cancer diagnosis

Early and reliable cancer diagnoses can save lives. Modern medicine, though, still faces enormous challenges when it comes to correctly diagnosing cancer. Lukas Brandhoff, Marta di Salvo and Benjamin Haubold, all young researchers at the University of Bremen, believe they have made a breakthrough with a diagnostic tool they call RedHisto: The infrar-red spectroscopic-supported digital pathology system analyzes the chemical composition of tissue samples, thus enabling faster and more accurate diagnosis of tissue changes. The new technique constitutes a significant streamlining and improvement of such examinations, especially in larger hospitals where several hundred tissue samples have to be examined every day. The idea behind RedHisto took first prize in the start-up ideas competition.

AV converter connects old games consoles to new home cinema system

Third place went to students Hendrik Leibrandt and Diemo Gajeufsky for their modular AV converter. You know the problem: Every new electronic device means yet another plug and cable. That doesn’t only add to the cable spaghetti in the living room: Very often it’s not possible to connect the new devices with the ones you already have because the jack doesn’t fit. The modular AV converter, though, can handle even the most exotic jacks and formats: It flexibly adapts to accept different formats. No more problems connecting old devices with new technology.

One for all: Marketing for small-scale production companies

The Nur Manufaktur thought up by Vanessa Just – a University of Bremen graduate – won second prize in the category Business Plans. Her idea: Leaving small scale hand crafts to get on with the job of manufacturing their regional products, Nur Manufaktur takes over the distribution and marketing tasks online and offline. Online customers find high quality and unusual hand-crafted products from all over Germany, select the articles they want to purchase from different small production companies, and pay lower delivery costs due to the direct line of distribution. Offline, the Nur Manufaktur Bremen|Store concentrates on the more unusual products like BBQ sauce and handbags produced by small-scale manufacturing units.

Prize giving

Together with the seven other young start-up entrepreneurs who made it to the finals, a total of six prizes were presented at an event held in the Bremen Chamber of Commerce. And for the first time, in the category “Business Ideas” there was also a prize which members of the public could compete for.

About the CAMPUSiDEEN competition

The CAMPUSiDEEN competition awards prizes for the best start-up ideas originating on the Bremen university landscape. The prizes amount to 17,000 euros in total. CAMPUSiDEEN is a joint initiative of the University of Bremen, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, and Bremer Aufbau-Bank. The competition is organized by a university initiative called BRIDGE, which was launched by the University of Bremen in 2002. BRIDGE was formed by the University of Bremen, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, and Bremer Aufbau-Bank to encourage ideas for business start-ups originating from university students. Among other things, BRIDGE offers advice on topics surrounding self-employment and a comprehensive program of courses on related topics.

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Frau mit Trophäe und Mann mit symbolischen Scheck
Marta di Salvo (Uni Bremen) und Benjamin Haubold (HfK) nahmen den Preis entgegen.
Lächelnder Mann mit Brille und Bart
Lukas Brandhoff von der Uni Bremen entwickelte mit Marta di Salvo und Benjamin Haubold ein Gerät, dass die genauere Diagnose von Gewebeveränderungen vereinfacht.