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Corona Regulations: Mask-Wearing Obligatory Again

Due to the nationwide increase in infection numbers, the wearing of a mask will become obligatory once more at the University of Bremen on Monday, November 22, 2021. The measures are to help the university remain in face-to-face mode.

In light of the national increase in infection numbers, the University of Bremen will be moving up to level 2 of the Level Plan for Teaching. This means that it is obligatory to wear a mask in all areas of movement, in classrooms, and at learning spaces in all university buildings.

Mask-Wearing and Ventilation Are Important Measures

The obligation to wear a mask also includes classes where social distancing can be complied with. It is also urgently recommended that those teaching / presenting wear a mask.
It is advised that students and staff wear FFP2 masks, as they offer significantly better protection than other medical-grade masks.
Furthermore, it is to be noted that rooms must be regularly ventilated if they are not fitted with a technical ventilation system. Masks and ventilation clearly reduce the risk of infection transmission.
Bremen State Tests Free Again
The so-called “citizen tests” are once more being offered by test centers in Bremen State. On the Senator for Health’s website, you can find a list of the test centers offering free-of-charge testing:

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