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Corona Regulations to Apply Until June 30, 2021

The general corona regulations on campus have been extended to apply until June 30, 2021. The university has also provided information on various testing options for staff and students. In addition to the state test center, there is now a test center in GW2 Building.

The University has been operating its own corona test center on campus since the beginning of this week. This is an additional service that is to expand on the already available testing services for staff of Bremen State. The center is located in GW2 Building and is mainly aimed at staff who are unable to complete their tasks at home and are permanently present at the university. Additionally, staff who are in a high-risk group and who work in double or multiple-person offices will also be able to use the center in the future. Test center registration must be carried out by superiors and a test appointment can be made with the front office of the Administrative Unit for Labor, Health and Environmental Protection. The test center entrance is on the Boulevard –diagonally opposite the State and University Library Bremen (SuUB).

Several Testing Options for Staff and Students in Bremen

All other staff members can continue to use the Bremen State test centers where staff can be tested free of charge once a week. Details of the various testing possibilities are available on the corona website. Students – as citizens of Bremen – also have the chance to be tested once a week at no charge at one of the Bremen test centers. The so-called “citizen test” can now also be done in the direct vicinity of the university. A private center that offers such tests has opened next to the ALDI supermarket on Enrique-Schmidt-Straße.

University’s Corona Regulations Extended until June 30, 2021

Parallel to the period of validity of the “Federal emergency brake,” the general regulations on campus have been extended to apply until June 30, 2021. This includes both the obligatory wearing of a medical-grade mask, as well as controlled building access. Exceptions are possible for students for whom a lack of access to laboratories, instruments, or similar would lead to extensive individual hardship in the further course of their studies. This particularly apples to final theses. Students are asked to contact their supervisors to discuss this. This also applies to the holding of classes that cannot be digitalized, thus mainly laboratory sessions, as well as the excursions permitted by the crisis task force. The face-to-face examinations permitted by the examination boards are also deemed exceptions. All stated exceptions are also possible if the incidence rate in Bremen rises above 165.


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