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Corona Crisis: Financial Aid for Students

The loan fund of the Bremen Student Services Organization will be increased so that students in need of help can be financially supported. This was decided by the Bremen Senate on Tuesday.

It is intended that students who have come into financial difficulties due to the corona crisis will be able to apply for an interest-free loan of up to 550 euros each month from the Bremen Student Services Organization. The loan will be paid with retrospective effect from April 1, 2020 and for up to three months. The topping up of the loan fund was decided upon by Bremen Senate on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

As many students have lost part-time jobs, the Senate decided to increase the Bremen Student Services Organization’s loan fund to 500,000 euros. The students that are in a difficult financial situation due to the lack of income are to be helped with the money. Alongside the topping up of the Student Services Organization’s loan fund, the acceptance criteria for such a loan will also be reduced. The senator for science, Claudia Schilling, stated: “Simple proof of the difficult financial situation suffices for applications at the moments. An official guarantee was needed to date.”

What Students Can Do Now

Further information is available on the Student Services Organization website (in English!). This page is being continually updated. The Student Services Organization also asks that you refrain from making enquiries via phone or email, as the staff members have a great deal to do due to the corona crisis. The most current information will be available on the website.

Useful Links

The German National Association for Student Affairs generally provides advice and information on welfare matters and part-time jobs. All information applies to enrolled students who work and undertake internships. Those who are taking a semester of leave may not received a BAföG loan, a scholarship, or price reductions for taxes, health insurance etc.

A flyer on working alongside studying:

FAQs regarding studying during the corona pandemic (in English!):

Welfare advice from Bremen Student Services Organization (in English):

Job and internship advertisements and further information regarding careers and career entry (in English):

A person writes the word BAföG on a piece of paper
Students who are in need because of the corona crisis should now apply for BAföG. The loan fund of the Studierendenwerk is to be increased.