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Curtain Up: Against Stereotypes, Obstacles, and Gender Clichés

To mark its 50th birthday, the University of Bremen is hosting its first Equality Slam. The event, which is a take on the traditional poetry slam, focuses on the topic of (in)equality at universities and in science. The slam will take place at the Schwankhalle and online at 8 p.m. on October 29.

“The ten performing spoken-word women* poets, slammers, and comediennes from Bremen and elsewhere want to impress, amaze, excite, and provide food for thought,” explains Ramona Suresh, event production head. The prize-winning comedienne, actress, and YouTuber Idil Baydar alias Jilet Ayşe will take the audience through the show.

About Equal Opportunities in the Academic System

The University of Bremen has been honored for its equal opportunities future concept, operates in line with a nationally and internationally renowned diversity strategy, and offers professional training and consultation sessions. Nevertheless, the implementation of equal opportunities on the University of Bremen campus and at other universities remains a daily challenge.

“The proven gender pay gap among professors, the dominance of white West German males in research and science management leadership positions, the immense significance of educational background for one’s own chances of success whilst studying and in academia, and also the student protests against sexist and racist discrimination on campus illustrate this clearly,” underscored Anneliese Niehoff, head of the Administrative Unit for Equal Opportunities / Anti-Discrimination at the University of Bremen. The Equality Slam is to offer a stage to these challenges and contradictions.

University of Bremen’s 50th Birthday

50 years of the University of Bremen also means 50 years of working for equal opportunities in teaching and research. To mark the birthday, the University of Bremen’s first Equality Slam will take a humorous and critical look at the current status of (in)equality in the academic system. Subtle discrimination and ostracization mechanisms in research and teaching will be revealed, will trigger discussions, and deliver strong arguments for political action to be taken. With their different perspectives, the slammers will contribute to creating a multifaceted image of equal opportunities at universities.

There are only a restricted number of tickets available due to the corona pandemic. The event will therefore also be available to watch via a live stream at Tickets for the live event and the live stream can be purchased at and from all Nordwest ticket offices.

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Anneliese Niehoff
Administrative Unit for Equal Opportunities / Anti-Discrimination
University of Bremen
Email: anneliese.niehoffprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Phone: +49 421 218-60181

Ramona Suresh
Equality Slam Production Head (Equal Opportunities Office)
Email: equality.slamprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Phone: +49 176 646 00 591

Durch das Programm führt die preisgekrönte Comedienne, Schauspielerin und Youtuberin Idil Baydar alias Jilet Ayşe.
The prize-winning comedienne, actress, and YouTuber Idil Baydar alias Jilet Ayşe will take the audience through the show.