The Countdown Is On: 12 Tweets until the State Election

Facts about election day, pros and cons of voting, voter turnout and Bremen regional politics. The Centre for Labour and Political Education (zap) of the University of Bremen is posting short tweets with a varied mix of information about the upcoming 2019 state election.

Every Sunday at 5:50 p.m. until the polling stations close on May 26 there will be a new election tweet under #zapweekly. “As a political educational institution in Bremen, we want to prepare the people of Bremen for the state election,” explains zap Director Professor Andreas Klee. “With the weekly tweets we provide political science impetus on the one hand and at the same time create a regular reminder of the upcoming election date on the other.”

Podcast Series Presents Parties

In addition to the series of tweets, there will also be a podcast series in which parties represented in the state election will be briefly presented by zap staff. The podcasts will be announced via Twitter.

About zap

The Centre for Labour and Political Education (zap) stands for science with social responsibility. Democratization, codetermination, changes in the world of work, and migration are its central spheres of action. In close cooperation with the Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen (Chamber of Employees), zap has an impact on society and takes up the current challenges of coexistence. The aim is to open up the university through practical research, setting-based knowledge transfer, and democratically strengthening (further) education and coaching offers. The close connection between science and society, in addition to research and teaching, has been an established practice at zap since its founding in 1971.

Twitter: @zap_bremen, #zapweekly

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Zettel mit der Aufschrift Hashtag zapweekly
Information and impetus regarding the 2019 state election from the Centre for Labour and Political Education (zap) will be provided under this hashtag.