Distinction: University with Strong Gender Equality

With great success, the University of Bremen has again participated in the Female Professors Program of the federal and state governments. The Joint Science Conference (GWK) awarded a special prize for its approaches to gender equality.

With this, the University of Bremen has received the distinction of “university with strong equality.” The award also serves as a major step towards financially supporting the university’s gender policy activities.

The president of the University of Bremen, Professor Jutta Günther commented, “Implementing gender equality in the university is an enduring and challenging task. We are very pleased with the vote of the reviewers. This gives us momentum to continue our ambitious and diverse gender policy.”

A total of 22 higher education institutions received the title, only nine of which are universities. The University of Bremen’s success can be attributed to its approaches toward attracting female professors, services to promote gender-equal career development, summer universities for women in engineering and computer science, as well as its creative communication strategies.

“Our university also stands for a clever interaction of anti-discrimination, diversity, and gender policy,” explains Anneliese Niehoff, explaining Bremen’s award-winning profile. She is the head of the Equal Opportunities/ Anti-Discrimination Unit at the University of Bremen.

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Administrative Unit for Equal Opportunities / Anti-Discrimination
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