Dr. Irene Dingeldey - Faculty of Social Sciences

In January 2020, Dr. Irene Dingeldey took on the role as the new director of the Institute of Labour and Economy (iaw). The social scientist has been working at the University of Bremen for 20 years.

She was the head of the iaw Transformation of the Work Society unit for ten years. Dingeldey is replacing Dr. Günther Warsewa, who will be spending more time on his research. As the iaw director for many years, Warsewa contributed significantly to productively bundling not only various scientific disciplines but also foundation research, practice-relations, and transfer and also further developing these areas. Irene Dingeldey wants to continue the work of her predecessor. The already available scientific transfer is to be extended further and new communication paths are being looked for.

Portrait Irene Dingeldey
Dr. Irene Dingeldey