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Federal Cross of Merit for Marine Biologist Antje Boetius

High honor for a renowned marine biologist: Antje Boetius, director of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and professor at the University of Bremen, received the Federal Cross of Merit from the federal president.

German federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier presented the impressive award to the scientist on October 2, 2019, at a ceremony in Berlin. A total of 25 people were honored with the Federal Cross of Merit – alongside Antje Boetius were also the astronaut Alexander Gerst, the musician Udo Lindenberg, and the pastor Rainer Eppelmann, one of the central figures during the resistance in the GDR.

Antje Boetius teaches microbial oceanography at the University of Bremen: As a teacher at the university and the director of AWI, she stands out because she communicates the important research and elementary knowledge of polar and marine sciences in an understandable way to differing target groups. With her great dedication, she presents current research findings to many significant boards in order to specifically support the development of strategies against the increasing environmental destruction and the climate crisis.

More information on the presentation of the Federal Cross of Merit in the press release from the Office of the Federal president in Berlin:

There is a current interview with Antje Boetius and a video portrait of the researcher to honor the awarding of the Federal Cross of Merit on the „buten und binnen“ website:

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Federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier presents Antje Boetius (Bremen) with the German Federal Cross of Merit under the motto “Bravery for the future: Crossing borders,” in Bellevue Palace.