Festive Welcoming Reception for New Students

From students for students: Finale and highlight of the welcoming events for new students of the University of Bremen was the festive reception held in the Theater am Goeteplatz on 17th October. A varied three-hour program offered the 800 guests a vibrant insight into our university culture: Poetry slam, theater, choir, Indie-rock, orchestra, film, rhythmic sport gymnastics – to name just some of the activities pursued on campus.

Words of welcome and encouragement came from the University Rector, Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Bremen’s Senator for Education and Science, Professor Eva Quante-Brandt, theater director, Professor Michael Börgerding, and singer Flo Mega. During these addresses, students of the University, supported with a theatrical performance by the AStA, staged a silent protest against the University’s lack of funding.

The festive occasion was organized by students of cultural studies within the context of a student project led by Till Krägeloh. “U’N’I” – You and I – was the motto for the evening, during which the many contributions served to help new students navigate through the labyrinth which is university.

The festive reception to welcome new students has been a fixed ritual at the University of Bremen since 1998. Hannes Rademacher and Christoph Dohne, both also students of the University, have produced a video clip of the evening’s highlights (only in German). It contains some impressive film material – take a look!