Focus on University Teaching: 4th June 2014

On 4th June 2014 everything at the University of Bremen will revolve around the topic of teaching and student studies. Students and instructional staff will meet at a number of venues to discuss all aspects surrounding the learning culture at our University. To facilitate maximum participation the “Day of Teaching” has been declared a “Dies Academicus”. In place of regular lecture courses, the entire day will be dedicated to the general learning situation facing our students. The aim is to initiate participatory dialogue in the interest of improving studies – and especially aspects of teaching.

Highlight of the day will be the presentation of the Berninghausen Prize for outstanding teaching, which will take place at 6.00 p.m. in Building GW2, room B 3009. The prizewinners are: In the category “Outstanding Seminar” Dr. Jan Ulrich Büttner (History Dept.), Dr. AndraThiel-Hoffmeister (Biology Dept.); in the area “Excellent Internship” and the category “Study Prize”, Dr. Oliver Hinkelbein (Faculty of Cultural Studies).

What will be happening on the day?

In the morning the different faculties and departments are arranging meetings to give both teachers and students an opportunity to express their views about their respective current challenges and issues. What are the main problems? What can students and teachers do to improve the situation? The time will also be used to gather information on studying abroad and tutorials. Student representatives will also be on hand to voice an organized opinion on the state of studies.

The University’s Vice Rectress for Teaching and Learning, Professor Heidi Schelhowe, will kick off the afternoon program at 4.00 p.m. in Building GW2, room B 3009. This will be followed with a lecture by Professor Peter Tremp from the PH Zürich titled “Forschung als Studiengangsprofil – Die Universität als 'Großes Laboratorium'” [Research as faculty profile – the university as a large laboratory]. An expert on didactics, he will talk about integrating research-based learning into the teaching concepts of the different departments. In so doing, he will also explore ways to anchor this form of learning and studying into the content and didactics of study programs.

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