How Do Students Benefit from “Research-based Learning”?

“Research-based learning” is not unknown at universities in Germany. But what does it mean exactly, and how does it benefit the students? This is the feature topic of the University of Bremen’s new Yearbook. And the German/English issue contains lots more besides: Some hundred pages of information with reports, photos, illustrations, interviews and articles on all aspects of university life.

The new issue looks back over a truly memorable year: In summer 2012 the University of Bremen scored success in the nation-wide Excellence Initiative contest launched by the German Government and the federal states. It is now among the eleven German universities permitted to bear the title “University of Excellence”.

The Faculty of Biology/Chemistry Shows What it Can Do

This time, too, the yearbook features one of the University’s twelve faculties: The biologists and chemists provide an insight into their research and international degree courses. The chapter entitled “Insights” shows that much more than research and teaching goes on inside the University. For instance, visiting scholars and scientists from abroad relate how the University’s new Welcome Centre helps them settle in when they first arrive in Bremen, and alumni in China report on how they support their alma mater with projects in Beijing and Shanghai.

Last but not least: The Chronicle – with a selection of the year’s most important events and details of the many prizes and accolades awarded to students, scholars, scientists and other members of the University of Bremen. Right at the end of the year the University was awarded a very special accolade: For the exemplary way it takes care of its international students the University was acclaimed the “International University of 2012“.

Online Version

The Yearbook can be picked up from the University Press Office (email: presseprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de) and from the University campus bookshop for a token fee of 5 euros. It is free of charge for members of the University. And for the first time it is also available online under:

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