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State of Bremen Advocates Freedom of Science – Four Scholarships Awarded

The state of Bremen has set up a scholarship program for junior researchers from abroad who are in precarious situations. In the first round of applications, two scholarships for postdocs and two graduation scholarships for doctoral students will be awarded. Deadline for applications is March 31.

Doctoral students in the final phase of their doctorate who clearly demonstrate that they will complete their studies during the funding period applied for, and postdoctoral students who have completed their doctorate, are the target group of the first round of applications. Researchers from all disciplines who have had to flee their home country due to armed conflict or political or religious persecution are eligible to apply. They could also still be in their home country, but be hampered in their scientific work due to this persecution. The date applicants fled their home country may not be more than three years prior to the application date.

“A Sign of International Responsibility”

The Senator of Science, Health and Consumer Protection, Eva Quante-Brandt, has recognized the state of Bremen’s special scholarship program as a “sign of scientific freedom.” It will be run by the University of Bremen. The state will provide up to 130,000 euros per year for this purpose. “We want to set an example for open science and international responsibility,” said the senator of science. “Scientists from many parts of the world are in precarious situations and restricted in their freedom of research. Around the world, we are confronted with increasing national isolation, ideologization, politically motivated ignorance of scientific findings, and the expulsion and harassment of scientists. It is therefore an important signal that we are committed to advocating freedom of science.”

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Head of the International Office
University of Bremen
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