Looking back on a special year!

Our 40th anniversary, entry into the final round of the Excellence Initiative, numerous awards for our scholars and scientists, success in the “Quality Pact for Teaching”, to mention just a few highlights: the year 2011 was a very special one for the University of Bremen. Written in German and English, the recently published Year Book takes a look back over the past year and the University’s young but eventful history. It contains lots of information on the various aspects of university life.

For instance, the University’s first Vice Rector for International and International Affairs, Prof. Yasemin Karaka?o?lu, reports on the changes that will be taking place in her area over the next two years. The new Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning, Prof. Heidi Schelhowe, explains how conditions for studying will be improved as a consequence of the nine million euros recently awarded from the “Quality Pact for Teaching” program funded by the German government and the federal states, and the future role of “research-based learning”. And this year’s edition carries a feature on Faculty 3, illustrating how the work of its mathematicians and computer scientists impact life on Earth and in space.

This Year’s Main Theme: “Pressing Issues of Our Time”

Ever since the University of Bremen was founded, its scholars and scientists have been researching pressing contemporary issues, contributing with their insights to the development of our modern society. The new Year Book contains several examples of what this means: for instance, in the Social Sciences, where research takes critical stock of societal developments, and the Geo-sciences, which over the years have built up a reputation for research excellence in the marine realm. In the 1980s, these two disciplines were the very first at the University of Bremen to be granted collaborative research centers by the German Research Foundation (DFG). In two other articles, readers are given insights into how scientists are training materials to “feel”, and how they are developing therapies to treat patients suffering from fear syndrome.

Once again, 2011 brought generous support from the University’s numerous friends and sponsors. The Year Book will be presented to these circles at the traditional reception, which will be held in the foyer of the MZH building on Wednesday, 22nd February.

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