Nine Medals for University of Bremen Rowers

Three gold medals, two silvers and four bronze – the University of Bremen rowers chalked up an enviable success during the German university rowing championships in Munich. Overall, the Bremen team took second place out of 48 university teams. And for the first time they were among the top three in the so-called “novices’ race”, coming in third. The novices’ race is especially for students who had no prior experience in competitive rowing before taking up their university studies.

The University’s Director of Finances and Administration thanks the rowers for their long-term commitment to the sport

With their superb performance in Munich the University of Bremen’s rowing team continued their long-standing successful track record. Proving themselves to be the best team in a total of 19 championship races, they won the German University Cup in 2014. Already before they set off for the German Championship in Munich the University’s Director of Finances and Administration held a reception in their honor in recognition of their outstanding achievement. Addressing the eleven rowers who followed his invitation, he said: “The team plays an active part in high-performance sport on both the national as well as the international level, and for many years now they have been winning awards for the University of Bremen. I want to express my sincere thanks for their deep commitment”. Among the guests was Sören Dannhauer, who not only is an active rower but also the untiring representative of the University’s rowing community.

Following a short period of relaxation, the University of Bremen rowers will start training for the European championships that will take place in Hanover from 9th to 12th September 2015. Altogether, a total of 400 athletes from 30 European universities in 17 nations are expected to participate.

German university rowing championships 2015: The medal winners

3 x Gold:

  • Men’s quad scull: Malte Prohn, Cedric Borchers, André Müller, NilsHülsmeier
  • Women’s quad scull, lightweight: Julia Strübig and Melanie Baues
  • Mixed quad scull: Lisa Baues, Judith Maurer, Bolko Maass, Sören Dannhauer

2 x Silver:

  • Mixed coxed eight: coxswain Julia Strübig, NilsHülsmeier, Mateusz Cienciala, Eleni Melis and students of TU Dresden
  • Women’s eight: Ann-Kathrin Weber, Lisa Baues, Judith Maurer and members of TU Dresden

4 x Bronze:

  • Female singles: Wiebke Schütt
  • Female coxless double scull: Julia Strübig and Ann-Kathrin Weber
  • Women’s eight: Melanie Baues, Judith Maurer, Julia Strübig, Eleni Melis, Wiebke Schütt, Ann-Kathrin Weber with two members and a coxswain from TU Dresden
  • Men’s quad scull: Malte Prohn and Cedric Borchers

Novices’ races:

  • Women’s coxed quad scull: Melanie Kanz, Alena Schwinges, Lara Müller, Nicole Weymann, coxswain Melanie Baues
  • Mixed eight: Melanie Kanz, Nicole Weymann, Max Sudhoff, Sebastian Balke, Steuerfrau Judith Maurer

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Two women on a rowing boat during a competition
Melanie Baues and Julia Strübig (f.l.) fought for the gold medal in the women's quad scull.