„Nœrdman“ explains the internet

“Nœrdman” explains the world of the internet to his environment: What are Instagram and Snapchat? Is Google the internet? The “Nœrdman” is a cartoon character who combines a passion for technology with North German humor. Every Monday, a new comic about technology, nerds and the north appears.

The comic series was developed by the Bremen computer scientists Professor Rolf Drechsler and Jannis Stoppe. “The basic idea of the comic is to convey internet topics to its readers in an easy-to-understand and humorous way,” says Drechsler. The computer scientist leads the research group Computer Architecture (AGRA) in the Faculty of Mathematics / Computer Science at the University of Bremen and the research field Cyber-Physical Systems at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Bremen. Jannis Stoppe completed his doctorate in AGRA in 2017 and now works at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

“We use the comics to shed light on interesting questions and aspects surrounding technical informatics,” explains Stoppe. “Of course, in just four images, we can only convey academic content to a limited extent; but fascination for computers and technology can often be aroused by pointing out just how crazy the current technologies are on closer inspection.” Rolf Drechsler and Jannis Stoppe want their comics to awaken enthusiasm for knowledge, even – and in particular – when the readers are laypersons.

Why is the Nœrdman called “Nœrdman”?

“The Nœrdman is the nerd from the north – both technically interested and a little cranky at the same time, who emanates the calm said to be typical of Bremen people. That the ligature “œ” – the combination of two letters to an unusual type of printing – in German also stands for “without limitation” is no coincidence,” Stoppe reveals.

Further information:

  • Website with all comics
  • Nœrdman is also on Twitter
  • Rolf Drechsler also posts the comic series on Instagram
  • Hashtag: #noerdman

Questions are answered by:

Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler
Universität Bremen
AG Rechnerarchitektur (AGRA)
Phone: +49-421/218-63932

Zwei Männer lächeln in die Kamera
Jannis Stoppe und Rolf Drechsler präsentieren ihre neue Comicreihe "Noerdman".
Der erste Comic aus der Reihe "Noerdman".