Dr. Karel Marsalek, Institute of Aerospace Medicine, German Aerospace Centre

Development and use of active dosimeters for ionising radiation in space

Cosmic radiation is one of the limiting factors for long-duration space missions. For the assessment of radiation risk for humans DLR has been developing among others active radiation detectors for usage (i) onboard ISS, (ii) satellites, (iii) Moon orbit and surface, (iv) and for exploration missions. DLR works on models of the radiation field and cross-benchmarks the models and the radiation detectors. In the talk, we present development steps of a dosimeter and show dosimetry data from several space missions.


Karel is since 2002 research fellow at German Aerospace Centre, he leads the electronics development of active instruments for dosimetry of cosmic radiation in space. PhD in biomedical engineering in 2000. Current activities: Artemis I (Orion MPCV) payload development (MARE), Astrobotic Moon Lander Payload, MATROSHKA III ISS dosimetry suite.

Karel Marsalek