Prof. Dr. Thomas Frauenheim, BCCMS, Uni Bremen

Ultrafast energy transfer through intermolecular Conical Intersections

Conical intersections (CoIns) of multidimensional potential energy surfaces are ubiquitous in nature and control pathways and yields of many photo-initiated intramolecular processes. Such topologies can be potentially involved in the energy transport in aggregated molecules or polymers but are yet to be uncovered. By using ultrafast two-dimensional electronic spectros- copy (2DES), we reveal the existence of intermolecular CoIns in molecular aggregates relevant for photovoltaics. Non-adiabatic dynamics simulations identify an intermolecular CoIn as the source of these unusual ultrafast dynamics.


Since 2006 Chair Professor for Computational Material Science, Bremen Center for Computational Material Sciences,

University of Bremen,

2019 1000-Talent Award of China for Foreign Senior Scientist and since 2020 Chair Professor at Computational Science

Research Center (CSRC) Beijing, see:

Thomas Frauenheim