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PD Dr. Karen Struve - Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies

The romance scholar PD Dr. Karen Struve received the Elise Richter Prize from the German Society of Romance Philology in October 2019 for her post- doctoral thesis Wild Knowledge in the “Encyclopédie.”

Colonial alterity, knowledge and narration in the French Enlightenment (Wildes Wissen in der “Encyclopédie.” Koloniale Alterität, Wissen und Narration in der französischen Aufklärung). Karen Struve studied romance studies and cultural sciences at the University of Bremen, where she was also part of the doctoral program Process in Transcultural Contexts: Dynamics and Resistance. She acquired her PhD and received the Prix Germaine de Staël for her dissertation. Her postdoctoral qualification followed in 2018. In the current winter semester, she is an adjunct lecturer within the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies at the University of Bremen. Since 2019, she has also held the position of research manager within the international “Anxiety Culture” project at Kiel University.

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