Prof. Dr. Christoph Kulgemeyer - Faculty of Physics/ Electrical Engineering

Since April 2022, Christoph Kulgemeyer has held the position of Professor of Didactics of Physics within the Faculty of Physics/Electrical Engineering. There he also leads the working group Didactics of Physics.

Christoph Kulgemeyer studied physics and German in Bremen to become a teacher at secondary schools and received his doctorate in didactics of physics in 2010. After his practical teacher training, his post-doctoral period, and his habilitation, which was also in Bremen, as well as substitute professorships in Osnabrück and Kassel, he turned down calls to the universities of Augsburg and Magdeburg before accepting a call to Paderborn University. Two focal points of his research are how physics teachers can explain the subject matter in a way that is effective for learning, and quality criteria for the design of explanatory videos. Another central research area is the effect of physics teachers' training on their practical actions. This includes, for example, the question of how (and whether) university-based subject-specific and didactic knowledge can be "translated" into teaching quality.

Portrait Christoph Kulgemeyer
Prof. Dr. Christoph Kulgemeyer