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University Sports Facilities: Unrestricted Use Possible

The sports facilities of the University of Bremen can still be used without any restrictions. “The facilities will operate as usual,” says Dr. Martin Mehrtens, Director of Finance and Administration of the University. The facilities would be available to school classes and sports clubs as agreed.

In recent weeks, the need for renovation of the sports facilities at the University of Bremen has been the subject of several public debates. These currently have no effect on operation. “All gymnasiums, swimming pools, courts, and fields are available for school and club sports,” says Martin Mehrtens. The renovation work should ensure that there are no cancellations in the future. “The renovation measures must be carried out quickly in coordination with the plans for a possible recommencement of sports pedagogy studies in the coming years,” says Martin Mehrtens, adding that this was already being discussed with politicians. However, the sports facilities can already be used without any restrictions.

No Danger for Sportsmen and Sportswomen

It goes without saying that the university is keeping a close eye on the condition of the sports facilities. “The facilities are completely safe to use,” says the Director of Finance and Administration. If the regular review of the facilities were to give a different impression, action would be taken immediately. “This is currently not the case,” says Martin Mehrtens.

Building-expert reports had found, among other things, that asbestos had been used in the changing areas. However, this has been used in such a way that causes no danger to health. “The filler under the tiles contains asbestos. Without an external effect, however, the asbestos is not released. This would only happen during a renovation,” says Martin Mehrtens.



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Luftaufnahme der Sportstätten
Schools and sport clubs can still use the sports facilities of the University of Bremen without any restrictions.