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Transition Regulated: Director of Finance and Administration Position Will be Advertised

The University of Bremen will initiate the process to fill the position of director of finance and administration as quickly as possible, as has been agreed by the University Executive Board and Bremen State Science Department.

The director of finance and administration of the University of Bremen, Dr. Martin Mehrtens, will remain in office until a replacement has been found. However, he will only remain in office until December 31, 2020, at the latest. Today (January 15), Mr. Mehrtens retracted his request to enter into retirement. “I am pleased that we have agreed on this process. Concerning the University of Bremen it is now guaranteed that the transfer of the position of director of finance and administration can go forward in an orderly fashion,” says university president Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter. The senator for science and ports, Dr. Claudia Schilling, also welcomes the decision: “In terms of filling the position, this makes it possible for the university to have a regulated transition period.” State councilor Tim Cordßen emphasizes the important role of the director of finance and administration in current matters: “We are happy that we were able to convince Dr. Mehrtens to remain at the university and to continue to provide his considerable expertise.”

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