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Uni KLEX: Career Support through Flexible Childcare

The University of Bremen already has a good reputation as a family-friendly university – now it is getting even better in this respect: with the flexible childcare system Uni KLEX, scientists in the qualification phase will in future also receive targeted support in the off-peak periods.

Uni KLEX strengthens researchers at the University of Bremen who have to combine their family duties with their own scientific qualification goals. For a pilot period of three years – from 2019 to 2022 – funds are available for flexible childcare options. They are intended to supplement the regular care. Inspired by a group of young female scientists, the project is now coordinated by the Equal Opportunities Office in the University’s Equal Opportunities/Anti-Discrimination Office.

Off-Peak Times Now Also Covered

There are already various offers for childcare during regular working hours – also close to the campus. More difficult is the care at off-peak times, which had usually not been covered so far. This often represents a major hurdle for scientists with childcare needs. Participation in all-day courses, interdisciplinary continuing education programs, and conferences is an important component in the formation and maintenance of one’s own scientific network. This is particularly important in the qualification phase, but it often coincides with the family-planning period. Moreover, due to the high mobility requirements in this phase, it is often not possible to fall back on a local family network in order to guarantee care during marginal periods.

Various Support Formats

The Uni KLEX project now offers various formats to meet this need – from paying for childcare during marginal periods to care during scientific events in Bremen, from a care pool to support during business trips. And those who have to bring their children to work at the university at short notice can borrow toy boxes and mobile children’s rooms. This also applies to organizers of scientific meetings on campus or in the Bremen area where childcare is to be offered. The website has more information about the whole range of what the Uni KLEX has to offer and the support options available.


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