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Support for Degree Start: Top Results in CHE Ranking

A good start is decisive for the success of a degree. The university provides excellent support. This has once more been shown by the Centre for Higher Education Development’s (CHE) current university ranking. All assessed subject fields got top spots in this category.

All-round success: This applies to the degree courses in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geosciences, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, and the dual degree program in Nursing Science at the university. All of them were in the top group in the category “Support at the Start of Studies” of the CHE Ranking, which the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT has now published.

“I am pleased that we have once more improved in comparison to last year,” says the Vice President Academic, Professor Thomas Hoffmeister. One year ago, the majority of the degree programs investigated at the time placed at the top in this category. Now it is all of them. “The current results confirm again that it is extremely important to the University of Bremen that it supports new students well,” explains the Vice President. A great start is decisive for the success of a degree.

That is why the University of Bremen has spent a great deal of money on support programs for the start to degree courses. Additionally, the university implements differentiated quality assurance in the field of teaching and studies. So-called student monitoring regularly takes place and the faculties use the results to further develop targeted offers and measures to support their students. There are a number of special preliminary classes, tutorials, and individual consultation services for freshmen. “It is great to see that this work is reflected so positively in the CHE Ranking again,” states Thomas Hoffmeister.

Good Results for Biology, Geosciences, and Political Science

Three degree courses at the University of Bremen also landed at the top of the CHE Ranking with regard to the student survey. Biology holds one of the top spots for the classes offered – especially with regard to the opportunities for specialization and elective freedom. The same applies for the services surrounding career orientation, stays abroad, and subject-specific skills training. The Geosciences degree course placed at the top for its study organization. It is with regard to examinations that Political Science at the University of Bremen does extremely well – especially in terms of re-take exams, exam system transparency, exam requirement preparation, and temporal Distribution of exam dates. Students from the third semester and above participated in the CHE Ranking survey.

All Three Courses Do Well in Special Corona Assessment

Due to the unusual pandemic situation, the CHE Ranking this year includes a special corona assessment. All three assessed degree courses from the University of Bremen were successful. The majority of Biology students deemed the opportunities to complete graded work as good or very good. The situation is similar for the availability of contact persons and the possibilities to contact and communicate with teaching staff.

In Political Science, around 70 percent found the transparency of requirements and learning targets within digital classes to be good or very good. The same applies to the completion of graded work and the information management surrounding the current circumstances. Geosciences were also assessed well for the opportunities to complete graded work. Nearly 70 percent of the participants additionally praised the diversity of digital class formats and the information management surrounding the current circumstances.

Research: Geosciences, Political Science, and Mathematics in Leading Group

Three faculties were among the leaders in the research category. Geosciences were in the top group for four of five research indicators: citations per publication, third-party funding per researcher, PhDs completed per professorial chair, and research reputation. Mathematics did very well in the fields of third-party funding per researcher and PhDs completed per professorial chair. Political Science was also successful in the field of third-party funding per researcher.

Senator: “Support at the start of studies is of great significance for us”

“We are pleased about how well the University of Bremen has done,” says the Senator for Science and Ports, Dr. Claudia Schilling. “It once more shows that the university is part of the group of national forerunners. The support at the start of studies is of great significant for us, as an ordered transition, for example from school to university, is an important requirement for a successful degree.”

About the CHE Ranking

The CHE Ranking examines more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Germany. It collates information on a total of 30 subjects and each subject is reevaluated every three years. Many prospective and current students take careful note of the CHE Ranking. The subject fields of biochemistry, biology / biosciences, chemistry, geography, geosciences, computer science, mathematics, medicine, nursing science, pharmaceutics, physics, political science, sport / sport science, and dentistry were assessed this year. The weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT published the entire ranking results in the ZEIT study guide for 2020/21 and on the ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE website.

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The MZH reflected in a lake in Campus Park.
The view from the Mensasee to the MZH Building at the University of Bremen. Mathematics and computer science - two subjects that also placed well in the current CHE Ranking - are located there.
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Studying together and support right from the beginning. These are some of the University of Bremen’s strengths, as shown by the results of the CHE Ranking. The photo was taken prior to the pandemic.