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Who Has a Spare Room in July and August?

For the summer courses at the University of Bremen, the Foreign Languages Centre for the Universities in the State of Bremen (FZHB) is still looking for rooms for international guests.

From July 15th to August 9th, 2019, 130 students from more than 20 countries are expected on campus. They hope to learn the German language within the four weeks or improve their language skills. The Foreign Languages Centre is offering all guests an attractive selection of excursions, talks and tours. The international summer courses are more than just language classes. The course participants from all around the globe will have many chances to experience Germany, its culture, its science and its people together. They will get to know Bremen and take part in class trips to the surrounding areas. Specialized talks and workshops concerning various learning strategies will be offered at the university. Not all of the young participants have yet found accommodation. The university is therefore kindly asking Bremen for its help. If you are interested in taking in an international guest for the stated period for rent amounting to 320 euros, please contact the University of Bremen’s summer course office in the Foreign Languages Centre.


Christine Rodewald
Foreign Languages Centre for Universities in the State of Bremen
Summer course office
Phone: 0421 218 61965



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