Science Awards for Graduates of the University of Bremen

Three graduates of engineering and social sciences at the University of Bremen have been awarded the OLB-Wissenschaftspreis (OLB science prize). They received the awards together with five other prizewinners from Bremen and Lower Saxony.

Dr. Emanuel Deutschmann from the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University received the first prize of 5,000 euros in the doctoral thesis category. The second prize in the same category went to Dr. Christoph Dollinger from the Faculty of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. The prize is endowed with 3,500 euros. The political scientist Jessica Nuske of the University of Bremen was pleased to receive the third prize in the dissertation category, a prize endowed with 2,500 euros.

Outstanding Work

In his welcoming speech, jury chair Professor Jürgen Mittelstraß praised the quality of all the submitted work, saying it had been very exciting to engage with them. They showed that the university ideal of the unity of research and teaching was being achieved and that learners were involved in research. This gives hope for the future development of the university and research in Germany.

“We want to use the OLB-Wissenschaftspreis to build a bridge between science and business,” emphasized Karin Katerbau, chairwoman of the board of the OLB-Stiftung (OLB foundation). “We also want to allow the many creative minds that we have here in the region to develop in the future. That’s the only way we are going advance the northwest of Germany. Only in this way can we ensure that hopeful junior researchers find a suitable place to work even after their training.”

In addition to the quality of the award-winning works, their diversity was particularly pleasing: Topics from the social sciences, the natural sciences, and cultural studies are represented, as are those regarding architecture, philosophy, political science, and digitization, said the chairwoman of the OLB-Stiftung. “This diversity is characteristic of the many facets of the local universities and higher education institutions.”
Twenty-Five Years of the OLB-Stiftung

The OLB-Stiftung celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and has already awarded the OLB-Wissenschaftspreis for the tenth time. In total, prize money of around 240,000 euros has been awarded to 66 prizewinners during this period.


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Gruppenbild mit Frauen und Männern
From left: chairwoman of the board of the OLB-Stiftung , Karin Katerbau, Jessica Nuske, Dr. Emanuel Deutschmann und Dr. Christoph Dollinger with the chairman of the jury, Professor Jürgen Mittelstraß.