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YUFE Alliance Supports Research Networks – Apply Now

The YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) alliance is giving researchers on all career levels the chance to expand their network. Bremen’s YUFE Mobility Award is offering financial support for research stays at the ten European partner universities.

The opportunity allows for research visits lasting between one week and three months. Applicants may be doctoral candidates, early career researchers, or advanced researchers from all scientific fields. “With this program, we hope to strengthen the research collaborations between the YUFE partner universities,” explains Enkhsaruul Brito, who is supervising the program at the University of Bremen. This will allow for existing cooperations to be deepened and expanded, as well as for new networks to be created.

Bremen’s YUFE Mobility Award Offers Several Opportunities

The award encompasses two categories: Researchers from all YUFE institutes can visit colleagues at the University of Bremen in order to facilitate cooperation. It is also possible for researchers at the University of Bremen to visit other YUFE institutions in order to work with the colleagues there. They can work together on a research project, a publication, or a new joint activity. The financial support is up to 1,500 euros per month.

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Applications can be submitted at all times. The final and complete application documents must, however, be submitted at least four weeks before the planned project start. Contact: Enkhsaruul Seixas Brito. Email: .

About YUFE

The YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) alliance is made up of ten young, research-oriented universities – including the University of Bremen – from ten European countries, as well as four non-academic partners. Together, the alliance wishes to create a student-focused, open, and inclusive European university. Students, university executive boards, and staff, who wish to contribute to a fairer, more diverse, and more effective education system in Europe and across the world, are collaborating within YUFE.

The YUFE vision is to enable students to compile their class schedule from all courses that are offered at the ten YUFE universities. The goal is to attain a YUFE diploma and in the future also a European qualification. Additionally, a virtual YUFE campus will comprise all online courses of the members. The official language is English. However, YUFE students will have the opportunity to learn the language of their host country that they are visiting either in person or virtually. They will also have the chance to complete internships within YUFE and to do volunteer work. The qualification certificates will state both the acquired language skills and the work completed in the fields of career training, job shadowing, voluntary work, and all other opportunities that YUFE offers. Academic and administrative university staff will also profit from joint projects and exchange possibilities within the YUFE alliance.


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Enkhsaruul Seixas Brito
YUFE Staff Journey
University of Bremen
Email: enkhsaruul.britoprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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