Strong in Research and Great Support for the Start of Studies

The University of Bremen provides good support at the start of studies, and it is a research-strong university. This has been confirmed by the results of the current CHE Ranking. The ranking examines more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Germany.

"It is extremely important to us to provide students with intensive support at the start of their studies so that they settle in well," says the vice president academic, Professor Thomas Hoffmeister. To this end, the university has invested a great deal of money in support programs in recent years. Differentiated quality management in the area of teaching and studies is also part of this. In addition to a student and graduate survey, so-called student monitoring is carried out on a regular basis. This allows the university to further develop targeted offers and measures to support its students. For example, there are a variety of special pre-courses, tutorials, and individual consulting services for first-year students. "All areas of our university are very committed to this," says the vice president.

Linguistics and Literary Studies: "Our Academic Advisory Office works very professionally"

One example is the bachelor's program in German Studies offered by the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies, which received excellent marks in the current CHE Ranking for support at the start of its studies. "We have a well-functioning and very professional Academic Advisory Office," explains the dean of studies, Dr. Uwe Spörl. "This applies to all of our degree programs." The team advises and accompanies first-year students intensively during orientation week and in particular also worked closely with the degree-program student bodies during the pandemic. Overall, German Studies also has a good teaching concept, according to the dean of studies. "We focus on the essentials and don't want to overwhelm our students, especially at the beginning of their studies."

Engineering Sciences: Student Bodies Offer Intensive Support to First Semester Students

The two engineering programs Production Engineering - Mechanical and Process Engineering and Systems Engineering also landed in the top group of the CHE Ranking in terms of support at the start of their studies. "Our Academic Advisory Office and our student bodies are very involved in all of our degree programs," says the dean of studies, Professor Maren Petersen. For example, the student bodies work closely with first-year students during orientation week. In addition, subject-specific and personal matters can be discussed in small tutorials led by students during their studies.

All Faculties of the University Have Dedicated Academic Advisory Offices and Career Orientation Offices

The overall commitment of the Academic Advisory Offices is very high at the University of Bremen. The staff there are the central point of contact for students with questions about study schedules and examination regulations. In all twelve faculties, they provide students with advice and support. In addition, there are the Career Orientation Offices. They support students in preparing, planning, and carrying out an internship. Moreover, students find help there for their professional orientation. They are often the first point of contact for companies and institutions that want to offer internships.

Good Scores for Third-Party Funding and PhD Students per Researcher

In addition to teaching, some subjects also performed well in the category of third-party funding per researcher in the current CHE Ranking. For example, the study program Production Engineering - Mechanical and Process Engineering landed in the top group. The same applies to the Educational Sciences and Psychology. Romance Studies received good scores in the number of PhD students per researcher. There is an above-average number of doctoral students per teaching staff member compared to other universities in Germany.

About the CHE Ranking

The CHE Ranking examines more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences throughout Germany. It collates information on a total of 30 subjects and each subject is reevaluated every three years. Many prospective and current students take careful note of the CHE Ranking. This year, the courses in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Production Engineering - Mechanical and Process Engineering, Systems Engineering, German Studies, Romance Studies, Psychology, and Education Sciences (Faculty 12) were analyzed. The weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT published the entire ranking results in the ZEIT study guide for 2021/22 and on the ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE website.


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A good start to your studies: This is what the University of Bremen's Executive Board, all twelve faculties, and their student bodies are committed to. To this end, the university has invested a great deal of money in support programs in recent years. The photo shows student guides during the orientation week in the Glass Hall.