Even Deeper insights into Media Activity

The Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZeMKI) at the University of Bremen has published a comprehensive update of its scientific research software. The apps developed provide insights into people’s media activities and the resulting digital traces.

Whether digital or analog, media offerings are an integral part of everyday life. We communicate, inform, and talk through a growing number of media. As a result, research into the diverse forms of media activity requires methodological tools that provide a differentiated and informative picture of how people use media to shape the reality of their lives. ZeMKI – the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research at the University of Bremen – has now published a pioneering extension of the research apps MeTag and MeSort, which are freely available to the academic community.

MeTag is an app for the detailed recording of media, data, and technology diaries on various end devices. MeSort is a software application for sorting media and technology repertories, but also for Q-Sort and qualitative network research. This makes it possible to determine media usage preferences interactively and at several levels. Over the course of several years of development, the development team pursued a cooperative cocreation approach that directly incorporated the wishes and ideas of future users into the development process. The now released major update of the apps is an important result of this process.

New Features in Both Research Apps

Both research apps now feature powerful and easy-to-use user interfaces that clearly display all functions and enable professional scientific work. New features have also been introduced. These include, but are not limited to:

•    New, clear user interfaces and guidance 
•    Expansion of project management, including user management
•    Expansion of data collection with a function for recording and managing voice recordings
•    Expansion of different, customizable sorting procedures
•    Improving the ability to display the analysis results

Use of the research software is free of charge.

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MeTag and MeSort are the names of the apps which, following their update, provide even deeper insights into media activity to the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research.