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Campus Stories

What makes the University of Bremen are the people who research, teach, work, and study here. Those who want to get to know the university better often hear and read about the “Bremen spirit.” But what is it, exactly? Under the title of “Campusgeschichten” (“campus stories”), we are now introducing successful young scientists, outstanding researchers, teachers with new ideas, and committed students. But the series will also present the people who ensure university operations run smoothly on a daily basis in the offices and behind the scenes. Get to know us – get to know the University of Bremen!


Mann steht vor Bücherregal und lächelt
News no.: 9 |

The Informative One

Today is a special day for Dr. Roy Karadag. “My little daughter is crawling,” happily exclaims the father on parental leave. Until the end of August 2019, the political scientist will only be able to perform his duties at the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies (InIIS) to a limited…

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portait of a young woman
News no.: 8 |

The Entrepreneurship Researcher

“Entrepreneurship” and “refugee” are banner words in the research work of Dr. Aki Harima. Born in Japan, she is a postdoctoral fellow at the Chair in Small Businesses & Entrepreneurship (LEMEX). She recently published a book together with her boss, Professor Jörg Freiling, and Professor Sibylle…

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Günther Süllow in front of the "Sportturm"

The Coordinator

We all have our idea of a custodian. They scurry through the buildings, use their wrench here, and pinch the pliers there. A conversation with Günther Süllow clears up a misconception. The good spirit at the University of Bremen is the function master for facility management. But his most important…

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News no.: 6 | Campusgeschichten|

The Social Climber

Social mobility through education: That certainly applies to Dr. Peter Mehlis. The trained precision mechanic worked for various large industrial companies in Bremen: at Airbus, Mercedes and Siemens. As a union worker, he heard about the two-year course at the Academy for Labor and Politics, the…

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Young woman at a desk
News no.: 5 | Campusgeschichten|

The Organizer

Every two years, the University invites you to its science festival, the OPEN CAMPUS – when the University’s twelve Faculties and institutes present themselves in pagoda tents on the green meadow with games, fun, experiments and culinary offerings, and famous rock stars make provide music and…

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Junger Mann sitzt im Rollstuhl
News no.: 4 | Campusgeschichten|

The Navigator

Dr. Benjamin Tannert, “Benny” to his friends, shows what he can do. The likeable young man briskly gets up from his wheelchair. Staggering a little, he holds on to the table top. Only very briefly, then the computer scientist sits down again. The physical effort is visible. The 34-year-old had to…

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Junger Mann mit Büchern unter dem Arm
News no.: 3 | Campusgeschichten|

The Teacherman

When Soner Uygun was a pupil at elementary school, he did not have one male teacher. Also in the first 2 years of secondary education, only women were in charge of classes. It wasn’t until his third year of secondary school that two male teachers eventually showed up. Today, Soner Uygun is a Ph.D.…

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Frau steht zwischen Bienenkörben
News no.: 2 | Campusgeschichten|

The Computer Scientist

Kerstin Schill, a Professor for Cognitive Neuroinformatics at the University of Bremen, was recently elected to the Senate of the German Research Foundation for a second term. In this highest body of research funding and self-administration in science, she represents the field of informatics for the…

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Frau vor moderner Fassade
News no.: 1 | Campusgeschichten|

The Economist

When Maria Kristalova talks about her research work, she easily gets carried away. A doctoral student of Professor Jutta Günther in the Faculty of Economics, at the moment Maria is full of anticipation. Not only is she excited about finishing her dissertation, but also because a great event is…

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