Prof. Dr. Björn Lüssem - Faculty of Physics / Electrical Engineering

Björn Lüssem took on the role of professor at the Institute for Microsensors, -actuators and -systems (IMSAS) in September 2021.

Prior to being appointed at the University of Bremen, Lüssem taught at Kent State University in Ohio,USA, and habilitated at TU Dresden.

Professor Lüssem carries out research into the application, integration, and basic functions of organic sensors. The mechanical flexibility of organic sensors, but also their elasticity and compatibility with biological systems expands the flexible sensors’ field of application immensely. However, there is currently a gap between outstanding assessments of individual sensors and the integration of individual sensors in larger systems. The aim of Lüssem’s research is to close this gap and establish organic sensors as a tool in nursing, health, or neurosciences.

Portrait Björn Lüssem
Prof. Dr. Björn Lüssem