Prof. Dr. Björn Niehaves – Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Since October 2022, Björn Niehaves has held the role of professor of information systems with a focus on digitization in public administration.

Professor of Information Systems Björn Niehaves assumes the endowed professorship entitled Digital Transformation of Public Services at the University of Bremen.

The endowed professorship is located in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. It is intended to develop innovative courses at the university for bachelor’s and master’s students in the field of business and administrative informatics and incorporate them into the corresponding study programs. In addition, the establishment of a structured doctoral program with practical training in cooperation with Bremen’s administration is planned. Interdisciplinary networking and close cooperation with industry and administration in practice are essential here.

The business informatics specialist is also head of the new Digital Public working group. The team is currently researching developments and applications in artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, as well as technology acceptance in public administrations, smart cities, civil society, and the economy.

The endowed professorship is financed by the Bremen Finance Department and Dataport – the IT service provider for public administration.

Portrait Professor Björn Niehaves
Prof. Dr. Björn Niehaves