Prof. Dr. Swantje Weinhold – Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences

Swantje Weinhold has been professor of didactics of the German language and literature for elementary and primary education at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences since April 2022.

Swantje Weinhold studied education, German and Spanish in Hamburg, where she also earned her doctorate on the topic of “Writing texts in the first year of school.” After one year at the Technical University of Braunschweig, she became a junior professor, and later, after declining an appointment at the University of Education Weingarten, she become a professor of German language and didactics in Lüneburg.

Negotiation processes in the acquisition of written language is one focus of her research. She examines how subject-specific, subject-didactic, and linguistic knowledge (should) interact in the classroom and how (prospective) teachers can learn this. An additional area is inclusive settings for the acquisition of written language and orthography, in which receptive and productive approaches to writing culture andviable and accessible insights into the writing system are possible for everyone from the outset.

Portrait Swantje Weinhold
Prof. Dr. Swantje Weinhold