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Guesthouse Celebrates its Birthday: 25 Years in the Heart of the City

Jubilee at Teerhof: The ambitious university with its guests from all over the globe needs a place that can accommodate all international guests. That was the initial idea for the construction of the guesthouse in the city, which is now celebrating its 25th birthday.

A quarter of a century ago, the internationalization of science made it necessary to ensure that guests of the University of Bremen had access to appropriate accommodation in the center of the Hanseatic city. The ambitious university became more closely involved in international programs, entered into cooperation with higher education institutes from around the globe and welcomed increasing numbers of scientists as guests, who spent several months in the city. In 1994, there were around 350 guests per year; now there are more than 400 annual guests.

Ideal Location

The Teerhof, which was only partially built upon at the time, appeared to be the ideal location. With the amount of 3.8 million Deutsche Mark (1.94 million euros when converted), the house, its apartments and event rooms were constructed. The building functioned as the university’s business card in the heart of the city from then on. With its 17 single apartments, 5 double apartments and 1 three-person apartment, the guesthouse became the ideal location for university guests that wished to get to know the country and its people alongside their scientific work. The location was chosen with a great deal of foresight by those responsible at the university, most notably the President at the time, Professor Jürgen Timm. Guests were able to travel directly from the airport to the guesthouse with the tramline 6 and then carry on directly to the university.

The house was officially inaugurated in the fall of 1994 in the frame of a cultural event at the Shakespeare Company. Around 200 opening party guests, accompanied by musicians, then walked cheerfully through sleet from the theater to the new guesthouse. President Jürgen Timm cut the symbolic ribbon, with which the guesthouse was officially opened. In January 1995, the first important event in the guesthouse took place; the New Year reception of the Association of Friends of the University (Gesellschaft der Freunde der Universität) (the Jacobs University had not been founded at that point).

Extensive Renovations for the Jubilee

After 24 years of intense usage –the guesthouse was occupied at a level of more than 80% on average - the building was elaborately renovated just in time for the jubilee. The guesthouse has been shining in new splendor since the spring of 2019. “The guesthouse is now being managed by a private partner”, explained Anja Stöckl, administrative unit leader in the Administrative Department 3: Budget and Finance. “A large contingent of apartments, which are available for our visitors for a special price, is always reserved for the university for a minimum of six nights to an open-ended stay. Besides our guests, people who have nothing to do with science or the university can now also stay there.”

Due to the exclusive yet peaceful location of the ‘jewel’ at the Teerhof, there has been great interest. The experts Munte GmbH & Co. KG, who manage both the eponymous hotel next to the municipal forest and the budget hotel and apartment house 7things on Universitätsallee, are now responsible for the running of the guesthouse. They are familiar with the wishes and needs of guests who wish to rent an apartment for a longer period. The name of the guesthouse has also undergone a slight change: “Teerhof 58 – Guesthouse of the University of Bremen” is now the official title. 

Breathtaking View, Modern Furnishings

There are now 24 one-room apartments, or rather studios, and six two-room apartments, also known as large apartments, in the house. Alongside great views, all newly renovated and decorated apartments are fitted with modern furnishings such as a box spring bed, a desk, an armchair, a dining table, a fully equipped kitchenette, WIFI, a safe, bathroom with shower, lavatory and hairdryer. More information and photos of the new apartments can be found on the website.


Further information: 


Anja Stöckl
Administrative Department 3: Budget and Finance
University of Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218-60580
Email: anja.stoecklprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Gaestehaus im Dunkeln
Attractive temporary accommodation: The uni guesthouse in the city center, which is celebrating its 25th birthday.
Altes Foto
Opening 1994: University President Jürgen Timm cuts the symbolic ribbon, with which the guesthouse was officially opened.
2019: Alongside great views, all newly renovated apartments of the Teerhof guesthouse 58 are fitted with modern furnishings.