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Gründungsradar: University of Bremen Ranks Sixth in Germany

The University of Bremen ranks sixth among the major universities in Germany in the 2018 Gründungsradar of the Stifterverband. The university was thus able to improve its best result of 2016 by three places. The current rank included 191 state higher education institutions.

Since 2012, the Stifterverband has been looking at the business start-up climate from a scientific point of view in its Gründungsradar under the motto: “from the laboratory to the world market.” The current results of the nationwide comparison acknowledge the activities of the university and its BRIDGE network. While Bremen is ranked sixth in the overall rank of major higher education institutions with more than 15,000 students, success is even higher for individual methodological modules. “Out of the big institutions, Munich, Potsdam, and Bremen are ahead in terms of output,” says the current study. This refers to the number of spin-offs, the number of awards for these spin-offs, and submissions and successes in various funding and financing programs.

Vice President: Success through Cooperation

Professor Andreas Breiter, Vice President for Research, Young Scientists, and Transfer at the University of Bremen, is delighted: “Once again, we have been able to develop further and even improve on our top position – this is a very nice distinction for our start-up consultants and our joint offer that is financed by us on a long-term basis. I am particularly pleased that we are able to apply this to the BRIDGE network. This achievement was only made possible for the university through its cooperation in the recently expanded BRIDGE network.”

About the BRIDGE Network:

BRIDGE is the central contact point for students and members of Bremen higher education institutions on the subject of business start-ups. The BRIDGE university initiative is funded by the University of Bremen, Jacobs University Bremen, which has been active in the network since November, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, and Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH. The BRIDGE initiative has the goal of improving the start-up climate at all participating higher education institutions and promoting promising ideas with start-up potential at an early stage. To this end, the institutions hold a large number of courses in regular teaching. In addition, BRIDGE advises about 140 start-up projects per year and offers 30 courses on the subject of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Since 2007, the network has raised five million euros in funding from the nationwide EXIST program to support a large number of science start-ups. The CAMPUSiDEEN competition with prizes worth more than 15,000 euros rounds off the offer. Since 2003, 690 contributions have been submitted over the course of the 16 years. This makes CAMPUSiDEEN one of the most continuous competitions of its kind.

Additional Information:


Dr. Martin Heinlein
Managing director at BRIDGE
University of Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 218-60330



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