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Thank You to the Director of Finance and Administration

After nearly eight years in office, the director of finance and administration at the University is retiring. The university and state councilor thank Dr. Martin Mehrtens for his work. Frauke Meyer will take on the role of university director of finance and administration on January 1, 2021.

“We are happy that we were able to have Martin Mehrtens as our director of finance and administration in the past years,” says the president of the University of Bremen, Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter. He fulfilled his role with dedication far past retirement age and served the university well. He did this not only as director of finance and administration but also as an administrative department head for organization, human resources development, and IT for many years. “Martin Mehrtens was always stable in a crisis,” states the president appreciatively. “He never avoided unpleasant matters and always advocated for the university. We want to thank him for his commitment and wish Martin Mehrtens all the best for his retirement.”

State Councilor: “Recognized and Promoted Important Future Topics Early on”

State councilor Tim Cordßen adds: “The University of Bremen is saying goodbye to Mr. Mehrtens, the director of finance and administration for many years, so that he can retire. He is not only a recognized specialist for management. With regards to digitalization in administration and human resources, Martin Mehrtens recognized and promoted important future topics early on. On behalf of the Free Hanseatic State of Bremen, I would like to thank him for his fruitful work and for his significant contribution to the success of the University of Bremen. I wish Dr. Mehrtens all the best for the future and the next phase of his life.”

Farewell in Digital Ceremony

Mehrtens was honored with a digital ceremony on Monday, December 14, 2020, during which his long history with the University of Bremen became clear again: He not only completed his degree in social sciences, economics, and pedagogy in Kiel but also at the University of Bremen. After then completing his PhD at the University of Bremen, Mehrtens worked as a scientific assistant at the Institute for Project Management and Information Systems at the University of Bremen. In 1990, he took on the role of head of the Administrative Department for Organization, Human Resource Development, and IT. During this time, Mehrtens built up the systemic staff development at the university. He also introduced IT systems to the areas of studying, teaching, human resources, and finances between 1990 and 2010. Furthermore, Mehrtens was the first to implement the so-called contract management as a controlling and planning instrument for target-oriented and sustainable organizational development at the University of Bremen. From 2002 to 2008, he dedicated his time to the establishment of academic staff development for assistant professors and newly appointed professors, as well as systemic, non-discipline based support of doctoral students and postdoctoral staff at the University of Bremen. In the frame of his role as project leader, he was responsible for the introduction of SAP at the University of Bremen and other universities in Bremen State in 2003 and 2004. In connection to this, Mehrtens additionally implemented commercial accounting systems at all universities in Bremen State.

Took on Challenging Tasks

Mehrtens entered into office as acting director of finance and administration at the end of 2012, after his predecessor, Gerd Rüdiger Kück, moved on to become the new state councilor for the former senator for science and health, Professor Eva Quante-Brandt. After one year had passed, the Academic Senate voted for the appointment of Mehrtens as Director of Finance and Administration with a large majority. During his time in office, some of the more challenging tasks included the University of Bremen’s Green IT Housing Center. The building intended for the housing of high-performance university servers was unique in Germany when it was opened in 2014 – especially based on its comparably low CO2 emissions and low energy consumption. Mehrtens significantly carried the constructional development of the university campus – including the construction of the Lecture Hall and Event Center, which is now beginning – forward.

“I was wholeheartedly a Creator and Developer”

“I enjoy looking back on the long time I spent at the university. I had the opportunity to fulfil diverse tasks with great creative possibilities and decision-making competence,” says Martin Mehrtens. Overall, he really enjoyed his job. “I was wholeheartedly a creator and developer.” He truly appreciates the people who invest their time into research, teaching, and administration at the university. “After such a long period of time, I will surely miss the university,” muses Mehrtens. “But I am looking forward to the time that I will gain through retirement.”


Prof. Dr. Bernd Scholz-Reiter
President of the University of Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218-60011
Email: rektorprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

Man with glasses sits at a table in front of a painting and laughts.
Dr. Martin Mehrtens in front of a painting in the office he has had for many years as director of finance and administration. He has had a connection to the University of Bremen since his degree.