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Application Process

Before taking the step to a foreign country, the first step is to examine one's own interests, wishes and the necessary language skills in detail. What are my goals? Which university is the right one for me and does the range of lectures suit me? Which country do I want to go to? And why go there in particular? Do I still have to develop language skills?

The preparation for studying abroad should start at least 12 months before the planned stay. If students want to go abroad in the summer semester, the preparation time is even 1.5 years in advance, if the chances of getting a desired place are to be particularly high. The faculty nternal application deadline for the following academic year (winter and summer) is 15 December of the previous year.

An academic year, beginning with the winter semester, is divided into different phases in preparation for studying abroad with different deadlines, periods and many opportunities to participate in information events organized by the faculty or the central International Office.

You can find out the exact dates of the faculty's information events via the Stud.IP system. All dates are published via the permanent event "Studienbegleitprogramm". Dates for information events of the central International Office, such as the big International University Fair every year in November, can be found via the following LINK.

Detailed information on the application process can be found here (in German). We recommend that you print out the document and read it thoroughly. It is intended to guide you through the phase of the "study abroad" project, from application to recognition.

If the document and the sources given do not answer specific questions, please send an e-mail to the Office of Corporate and International Affairs with your questions. If the questions are too complex, you will be given an appointment for a personal consultation.

The online applicant portal of the department can be found here.

You will find the current list of remaining places on the right in the Quicklink area. You can see when the respective application phase for remaining places begins in the figure below.

Different Application Procedures

When applying through other faculties or through other programs, such as for Dickinson College, or as a Free Mover: Use the FB07 application portal only if you are applying for a place at a FB07 co-operation university and enter the other selection (other faculty etc.) as a reference in the comment field provided at the end of the form.

If you do not apply for FB07 partner universities, you will not be able to use the application portal. Please inquire here about the modalities of the application with the coordinators of the other faculties or the persons responsible for the program.

Important: Please turn in, ideally before applying, the first draft of a Learning Agreement with the Office for Practice and International Affairs.