New Publication: The Potential of Care Robotics - A Systemic Exploratory Research.

Not only exciting for robots: Denis Pijetlovic has published his PhD thesis as a monograph at Springer Verlag.

This book shows how a research process with the method of exploratory constellations can succeed. The object of investigation is care robotics. Simulations with exploratory constellations are carried out, which open up new perspectives on the use, risks and challenges of care robotics. The work provides answers to questions about care robotics in the context of management and organisational development in care companies: Which measures favour the use of care robotics? What are the interactions and relationships between the actors in the care system and what is the impact of care robotics on them? The entire exploration process of this work is characterised by the development of knowledge-guiding theses, which are discussed by experts in the context of a workshop and serve as design recommendations for practice.

Dr. Denis Pijetlovic is a postdoctoral researcher in the field of sustainable management. He works with the method of exploratory constellations in research, consultancy and teaching. Through this, complex system dynamics can be made visible, enabling innovative and useful insights for transformation processes.

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