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New entrepreneurship textbook by Prof. Dr. Jörg Freiling & Jan Harima

„Entrepreneurship – Gründung und Skalierung von Startups“

In the implementation oriented textbook, academic entrepreneurship models and start-up related methods are described along the individual phases of start-up formation and illustrated by examples. After an introduction to the basics of entrepreneurship, the pre-start phase deals with the topics of business ideas, design thinking, business modeling and pitching. The start-up phase comprises the lean startup method, constitutive management decisions, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneurial monitoring and finally the appropriate business plan. In turn, in the growth phase, which has received relatively little attention so far, the book deals with the activation of growth drivers and crisis management.

The comprehensive textbook aims not only at teachers and students from universities and colleges, but also at (future) founders and anyone who is generally interested in topics relevant to start-ups.

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Lehrbuch Entrepreneurship