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Women's representatives of the faculty end the 2nd round of Mentoring Program for Female Students

On the 31st of January, 2020 Mentoring Program for Female Students ended for the second time.

In this program, initiated by women´s representatives of the faculty two years ago, female master students are brought together with successful women from industry and academia in the form of Mentee-Mentorin-Duo. Students can thus become support on the questions regarding start of the career. Duration of the program is one year. The Matching is done based on specializations as well as on professional interests of students. The aim of the program is to accompany master students during the professional orientation stage. The Program includes Coaching Sessions, that are thematically based on the interests of all program participants. This year the workshops on the topics of self-presentation, communication and women in management were held.

The early promotion of female students is of a high importance for Women´s representatives of the faculty, as in the field of Business Administration and Economics the number of women in academia as well as in the top management positions in industry lies below that of the men.

Mariia Shkolnykova and Jarina Kühn, research assistants af the Chair of Economics of Innovation and Structural Change, and Theresa Kück, resarch assistant at the Professorship for Business Administration, in particular Financial Services and Financial Technology, have managed the program.

Application time for the next round of the Mentoring Program for the Master Students of the 1st or 2nd Semester of Faculty of Business Studies and Economics (or cooperation study programs) is open until 29.02.2020. Please, send a short motivation letter, stating your major field of study, to fraufb7protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.