Publication in the Journal of Vocational Behavior

Dr. Julian Decius (Organizational Psychology in Business Psychology) has published an article in the prestigious Journal of Vocational Behavior (IF = 11.1). Together with his co-authors Prof. Dr. Niclas Schaper (Paderborn University), Dr. Katharina Klug (University of Bremen) and Dr. Andreas Seifert (Paderborn University), he found that informal workplace learning can also influence work design – which was previously assumed to be exclusively in the opposite direction – and that this effect is partly mediated by job crafting. It was also confirmed that informal learning and job crafting are largely distinct constructs. The publication, entitled "Active learning, active shaping, or both? A cross-lagged panel analysis of reciprocal effects between work design and informal workplace learning, and the mediating role of job crafting" can be found here.

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