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Offers for Alumni

The Office for Practice and International Affairs is also available as a contact point for graduates of our faculty.

For most of them, the time of their studies still remains in their thoughts. Unforgettable for you will be hours of mutual learning or personal encounters and friendships, exciting discussions and new insights as well as participation in social events such as the "Night of the Profs", the career network evening or the participation in the Practical Experience Summer Camp.

At regular intervals and in various ways, we would like to invite you to events, be it to exchange among the alumni, for example during an alumni dinner. Or we offer you the opportunity to share your career experience with our students, whether as mentors or as lecturers in seminars on career orientation. Of course, all offers that are generally available for companies are also available to you.

The aim is to constantly expand the alumni network and to cultivate contacts with alumni. For this purpose, we use the network portal XING with a special group "WIWI-Sektion Alumni Universität Bremen", to which all graduates, as well as students of our faculty, can network and have the possible to make lifelong contacts.