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Bremer Stadtforscher

School project

The project "Bremer Stadtforscher" initiates and supports project-based learning experiences for pupils. Within the scope of the project, pupils get a chance to independently discover their social and local environment in Bremen.

Simultaneously, educationalists and students of the ZeDis give advice and support to the pupils and pass on knowledge about research methods.

The basic idea is to introduce pupils to core democratic values by initiating a self-reflexive process that discusses local forms of political participation.

The objects of study and research are chosen by the pupils themselves and can vary from persons, institutions, public dialogues to local projects that are meaningful to them and have influenced their local environment and shaping of (public) opinion in the past, present or future. Subsequently, these topics should be researched by the pupils in an project-based learning atmosphere, then evaluated and presented.

The pupils' project works arise from the curricular content of the subjects politics, social sciences, history and geography and are brought together in an annually changing, interdisciplinary and integrative principal theme. The philosophy of the project deliberately goes without a limitation of topics or themes. This would not only disagree with the concept of the project, where pupils take an active part in finding and narrowing down the topics, but also disagree with the symmetric strict of the planning process and wide-ranging cooperation with the participating schools.